Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Smiths, Coachella, and Being a Socially Awkward Human Being

Okay. So I decided to go public with this thing. Why? I dont know, but it seems easier then filling people in with the boring details of my life because I am socially awkward...but we'll get to that later. Work has been painfully boring the last couple of months and its getting harder and harder to keep myself entertained. I spent the majority of my 7 1/2 hours on reading reviews of shows and singles. I read that Johnny Marr and Morrissey have been talking which hasnt happened in a great while and it looks like there will be a Smiths Reunion! It's been said many times, its almost like an urban legend. But that would be so amazing and I would sell my left arm to go to that show. As for Coachella..Im still debating whether or not Im going to go. But if I will be Friday the 17th...and here is the line up:

Friday, April 17th

Alright, now on to being socially awkward. I've always known I was uber shy and quiet but not until I moved to Long Beach did I realize that I'm just plain awkward. I feel like I cant even hold a conversation for fear of saying something stupid which leads to me listening ...A LOT! I have things I'd like to talk about and I always have input and I feel that I'm a semi-intelligent girl, yet I say nothing. This results in a very lonely life. I need some sort of class, like Social Butterfly 101 or something. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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