Wednesday, December 9, 2015

30 Week Update and A Winter Woodland Baby Shower!

How Far Along:  30 Weeks! 
Size of Baby:  At our last appointment she weighed in at 3 lbs and was in the 57th percentile. Hopefully she will continue at that pace and not get too big. Today she is the size of a motorcycle helmet'
Sleep:  I have good nights and bad nights but when I sleep, I sleep hard.
Best Moment This Week:   Celebrating baby girl at the baby shower!
Movement: Lots. She is definitely running out of room in there.
Food Cravings/Aversions: Nothing in particular. I'm just so tired of the the diabetes diet. It would be much easier if I could eat whatever I felt like.
What I Miss: Just like previous weeks, breathing is what I miss most.
Stretch Marks:  Nope.! Hoping that if I don't have them by now Ive avoided them.
Belly Button:  Still in! I'm winning the bet!
Mood: Feeling exhausted and getting a little nervous.
Labor Signs:  I don't think so...I'm not too sure if what I've been experiencing are Braxton Hicks but there are days when I feel like she's going to fall out.
Milestones:   Bi-weekly doctors appointments start now!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Looking forward to our last Christmas with just us. Hoping we can take a moment to ourselves and just enjoy each other before holidays take on a whole new meaning.
What I look forward to: Completing the Nursery

This weekend my Mom and Sister threw the most wonderful Winter/ Woodland Baby Shower!
I couldn't have asked for a more special day.

We are both so thankful for all the love and support from family and friends and so happy we were able to celebrate our baby girl together!

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