Wednesday, November 25, 2015

28 Week Update

I made it to the Third Trimester!!! This time is just flying by and in 12 short weeks we will have our baby girl in our arms!

I think I officially look pregnant because I'm getting a lot of people confidently asking me questions about the baby and I even had my first belly touch from a stranger. It's amazing how excited complete strangers get for you. I was in a long pre-Thanksgiving Costco line the other day when an older man stepped in behind me and told me pregnant women are good luck so he chose this line. Then he asked me when my due date was and was excited to find out he and the baby were both Aquarius. He then asked if he could give me a compliment..."No where in the pregnancy books does it say you have to leave the house with dirty hair and frumpy clothes even though it is so easy to do. My wife and I like to compliment women who take care of themselves and make themselves feel good. You little lady look wonderful!" I could have hugged him right there in the checkout line! It's hard not to feel frumpy and frazzled all the time and that was a day where I really needed to feel like I looked presentable.

How far along? 28 weeks

How big is baby? 14 in. 2.5 lbs or the size of a roller blade

Sleep: Ugh...

Best moment this week: Hitting another viability milestone (her lungs are fully developed and if she was born today she would have a really good chance of  surviving) and our friends had their darling little boy, Joshua! We went to visit him last night and he's just perfect. I had an explosion of emotions seeing him and his mama. I think the closer I get the more I realize that this baby has to come out of me one way or another and that's pretty terrifying. Examining all of his tiny features temporarily took that fear away because little feet and lips are just so wonderful!

Miss anything? Full breaths, Ice Cream, and being able to eat whatever and whenever I want. The gestational diabetes has been manageable but a pain in the butt eating and testing so frequently. Sometimes a girl just wants a chocolate chip cookie!

Movement: She's a wild woman! Movement is more frequent and quicker like she's kickboxing or something.

Food Cravings: Just all the things I can't have.

Food Aversions: Lately it's been cheese...ugh.

Symptoms: Sore back and hips, always out of breath, trouble sleeping/getting comfortable, a little more emotional than usual but that's kinda the norm for me.

Belly Button in or out? It's really working hard to stay in. Tim is convinced it will pop out like a turkey timer and make a noise. 

Looking forward to: Getting Christmas shopping done so I don't have to worry about it anymore and our next appointment and ultrasound!

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