Wednesday, September 16, 2015

18 Week Update

Holy Cow I'm almost half way! And no, there aren't two babies in there!

How far along? 18 weeks- Starting month 5!
How big is baby? The size of a sweet potato or a pint of Ben and Jerrys
Cravings: Chocolate Chip Cookies. I bought some from the bakery last week and they were totally stale from the get go but I still allow myself  one everyday!
Best moment this week: We've been having really great weekends taking advantage of "Us Time". This weekend we went to Long Beach to get King Taco and drive around our old neighborhood. We stumbled upon a classic car show to walk around until the heat was unbearable. 
Movement: Maybe but I'm not sure. There are so many new sensations that it's hard to tell if its baby or not.
Symptoms: Random bouts of nausea have returned and I've been having sharp pains in different areas. The other day I was at Anthropologie paying for my purchase when a major wave of nausea hit and I broke into a sweat while my vision blurred. I just knew I was going to throw up or faint. I ran to my car in the parking structure and sat down with the AC going full blast and it went away. That was super scary but I guess feeling faint is common. 
Any weird dreams? So. Many. Weird. Dreams. I've noticed that my dreams will tell me when I need to wake up to use the restroom. With either a waterfall or people filling hundreds of cups up with water! I also dreamed that I owned a baby sloth that was sucking on my arm.
Have you been nesting? I've been daydreaming about nesting. We plan on house hunting once the baby is here so I've got ideas on how to make a simple nursery in our spare room. We also purchased the high chair I was swooning over because it quickly went on sale for an unbeatable price.
Looking forward to? Our Babymoon in Hawaii in 11 days! Praying for awesome weather!

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