Monday, January 28, 2013

Online Dating

It's not just for peoples...
Snapping this picture of Linus searching for his soul mate got me thinking about how many people nowadays meet online. I know several couples who have and are now happily married including me and my husband.

Does it still have the negative connotation that it used to? 
I know we often struggle with telling people how we met, not because it was online but because it was on Myspace.

Anyone out there meet their significant other on a non-dating website?


  1. My Uncle met his wife online. I'm not sure exactly how. But they are happily married for 4 years & have 2 beautiful children. :)

  2. I met my hubby on and we have been happily married for almost 6 years!! I used to be asked to tell people we met online but now it is socially acceptable. :) Yay for online dating and now marriage!!

    1. That's awesome! You guys need to do a commercial for!!! :)

  3. That was supposed to say:
    I used to be *embarrased

  4. I've always wanted to but never thought it would really happen. :)