Monday, January 21, 2013

Beach Party.

Our little guy had an awesome First Birthday.

We started the day off with a birthday pupcake that I baked him.

Here's a really good recipe for the Peanut Butter Delight cake.

I'll spare you the video of me singing "Happy Birthday" to him but after the candle was gone he picked up the whole cupcake and tried to walk away.

Next we headed to Ocean Beach in San Diego for his very first trip to the Dog Beach.
It was insane! I've never seen so many dogs running free. I was so nervous at first but he did great!
Whenever he would get too far from us he would turn around and start looking for us just like little kids do at the beach. Having his cousin JD there helped. He pretty much tagged along with him because he's a beach dog.

He was a little unsure about the ocean but it was so cute when his swimming instinct kicked in

 As soon as he got in the car he passed out...he didn't stop the whole time we were there.

After a warm bath and a bowl full of food he's just been taking one long birthday nap

Happy Birthday Little Guy!

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  1. Awe he is so adorable. I love the first video - he was kind of air swimming and then was all oh no! ha. He is too cute! Glad he had a good birthday!