Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New York: Day 3-4

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On Saturday we visited the 9/11 Memorial.

The new Freedom Tower that they're building

There are two pools that have the names of everyone that lost their lives. They were so huge that they took your breath away when you stepped up to the edge.

This tree was the only one left standing. It survived the attacks, the fires that burned months after 9/11 and it was struck by lightening twice!

It was so beautiful and I'm really glad I had the opportunity to visit. Hopefully next time we go the museum will be open.

After the memorial we were off to get world famous pastrami sandwhiches from Katz's Deli.

Let me tell you, this sandwhich was well worth waiting in line outside, waiting in line inside crammed in like sardines, then waiting again for a seat!

That day we also saw: Grand Central Station

Museum of Modern Art

And the lights from the top of the Empire State Building

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