Friday, February 15, 2019

Norahs 3rd Birthday- Mermaid Party

I can't believe our little Beeps is three years old!
Boy does time fly!

Knowing this would be her last birthday as an only child, I wanted to give her a special memory with her friends. For months she was asking for a bounce house and we eventually gave in and reserved one. Unfortunately, Southern California was hit with the most rain I've ever seen that left our city flooded beyond belief and we had to cancel it.

Cue, Ariel! Something I swore I'd never do (hire a princess). In the end I'm so glad I did because the girls LOVED her and Norah can't stop talking about it. She just can't believe Ariel was at her birthday party!

Tim got me a Cricut for Christmas and I was so intimidated to even open the box but I saw this as the perfect opportunity to attempt some projects and it was so much fun! I may have gone a little Cricut crazy.

I found her leggings on Amazon and I made her shirt with, yep, you guessed it! The Cricut!

Ariel arrived with a bag of tricks. Face painting, balloon animals, story time, singing and dancing and of course a photoshoot!

In the words of the birthday girl, "BEST MERMAID PARTY EVER!"

 My mama heart is full.

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