Tuesday, April 2, 2013

11 more days...

I've already started the countdown till he's home and I can't believe how much I miss him.
We're together sooooo much that one day is hard. I can't even think about all the rest of the days without getting teary-eyed.

We took this at the airport and I was totally succeeding at not crying because he was anxious enough about the whole thing and he didn't need to worry about me. We said our goodbyes and as I turned to walk away I got that burning feeling in my eyes and nose and there was no stopping the water works.

Then I saw this:

Oh well...I tried :)

When I got home Linus ran out, down the hill and to the neighbors where they were in their garage with their great dane. Linus proceeded to try and attack their dog then run from me in their yard for about 10 minutes. When I finally caught him I was beyond embarrassed for the scene we caused. A couple minutes later I knew I wouldn't feel better till I went over to apologize. They were completely fine with it and we ended up talking for quite awhile. When they found out Tim would be gone they gave me their cell numbers and schedules in case I needed anything. I feel comfort knowing I have someone next door if I need them.

Then I started a project that is top secret for now and not 5 minutes into it I see Linus digging a huge hole in the yard! I had to stop everything to reprimand and bathe the obnoxious puppy.

I got back to work only to see him out the window scarfing down a tissue. I let him. There was no use in trying to catch him when he's in this feisty mood.

I just sat down and cried. 

He came inside and gave me kisses and I had a heart to heart telling him that the next weeks were going to be difficult for both of us and he just needs to chill out so we can make it through without daddy.

I really hope it sunk in.


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  2. Awe I'd be crying too! A Hawt mess! But the tweet is so cute ! And yeah pets know. When my hubby is gone for the weekend my cat acts terrible!!