Monday, April 22, 2013

He Hears You.

This blog post from Casey Leigh really spoke to me.
I found myself in this group of women that she listed and I'm sure everyone can relate to one of them.

I had to share:

"To you. struggling. feeling like no one understands. So you tuck the pain even farther down.

To the one who stares at the white wall by her bedside as tears silently run down her cheeks, her husband and children asleep, she's drowning. She feels alone.

To you. Sleep deprived and exhausted. 

To the girl in college searching for herself. The one who feels like she's facing this big world all by herself.

To the widow whose children are grown. And busy. too busy to call.

To the woman that is being swallowed in a pool of tears on the bathroom floor... crying over the baby that she lost. She feels alone.

To the new mom who is trying to figure her own way in the midst of all the opinions.

And to the one who has waited year after year for 2 pink lines, yet nothing has come.

To the women who hate who they are becoming or how their life is shaping out to be.

To the one who saw two pink lines just 6 weeks after giving birth. Unplanned and no money.

To the one who is afraid because your husband just lost his job and you have no idea how it will be okay.

To the ones fighting comparisons & jealousy.

To the women who want to feel like more. They want to feel special & wanted & treasured.

To the girls who are still searching for the one.

I've heard from all of u.

I hear you. 

He hears you.

You aren't alone. 

You feel alone but there are others walking your road.

We have all been down a road. 

And although they often look different, although they often are translated in all different ways... most of us can identify with the hurt. and the searching. 

There has surely been a moment in each of us that changed us. That helps us give a bit more grace and a lot less judgment. 

I am sure of this. we all need grace. and we all need the extra encouraging and the two drops of extra mercy.

The only way to the other side is through. and while we take the journey, lets hope that we have the best surrounding us. the best of the best sending out that extra love. because we all go through a time and a season when we need the love. "

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