Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to let you all know that we are safe here in Jersey City. This morning the hotel held a mandatory meeting where they explained what is going to happen.

They came up and taped our windows to help them from shattering and they have generators if the power goes out. If it continues to get stronger they will evacuate us to the Ballroom where we will stay for the night or until it is safe to go back to our rooms. 

The entrance is barricaded but that's okay because if you're caught outside the cops will ticket you!
The hotel has plenty of food and is serving 3 meals a day....unfortunately it's $20 a person!!! 

Hopefully it passes through quicker than they think and things will get back to normal. Our flight was rescheduled for late Wednesday night.

 We went outside while we could to get some fresh air before we were trapped and I've never felt such strong winds! 

View of the Hudson River from our room


  1. Keep posting pictures and stay safe. I care about you guys!

  2. Wow that's so crazy/scary! I hope it doesn't too bad and you have to totally evacuate. Stay safe!
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