Friday, October 12, 2012

date night.

Last night we had a much needed date night.
A trip to the mall and a nice dinner was just what we needed (the cupcakes we took home were the perfect touch).

Before dinner we stopped in H&M and bought coats for our New York trip ( 13 days!!!).

I'm so excited to be able to wear mine!

New Coats

And of course no outing is complete without returning to a mess from our fur son who is kissing himself in the mirror at the moment.

The 2nd surprise from him isn't something you want to see...or smell...


  1. aww so soon you will be in NY. And guess what - it's been FREGIN COLD! Saturday in my area of Pa they have freeze watches or warnings.. It's been 50 and under lately. Just letting you know! Bundle up chickee!
    In the day with the sun sometimes it hits 60s.
    I'll hope for nice weather for you!

    My cat is as bad as your dog. Anxiety issues ! BIG TIME! I have the same thing happen to me when I get home - he gets into the garbage and all and he's a cat!

  2. I love your jackets! And the fur son's second surprise.. Hahahaha!


  3. Yikes!! I wouldn't want to come home to that, but at least you had a great night out with your husband. My husband and I did the same thing last night. Have a great weekend xx. Shauna