Thursday, July 26, 2012

Take me out to the ball game!

Sunday afternoon we were bored and decided that we would go to a spur of the moment Storm game. The Storm are the local baseball team and their field is right down the street. It was such a fun, cheap date night!

The tickets were super cheap and we were in the very front row right behind home plate. 

After snapping this shot I mentioned how weird my feet looked and Tim said it was because I was trying to make them look cute by posing

So in the next picture he posed his feet

We are for sure going to more games before the season is over!


  1. Wow those are great seats! I miss going to minor league games and eating hot dogs. Although I was always overly paranoid about getting hit by a foul ball.

  2. Baseball games are fun! Granted, mostly because of the food, as far as I'm concerned. We haven't made it to one this season, unfortunately. It's cute about your husband copying your foot pose. I'm always laughing at my sister for doing the pigeon-toed pose--it's not my style, but it is pretty popular!