Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I've been very forgetful when it comes to doing laundry.
Since I don't have the luxury of owning a washer and dryer I have to make the deadline of getting
everything washed and dryed by 9 when I get home around 8. It's not impossible, but if I dont grab my
laundry as soon as I walk in the door theres just no point in trying.
So now I find myself in a predicament. Not only am I out of work clothes, I'm out of underwear.
And the point of this post you ask? Well, I must know,
Is it acceptable to temporarily use a bathing suit as underwear?
When I decided to write this post I came across a blog entitled "Through The Eyes of A Freshman"
and this is what it says:
So instead of giving you a “How to” guide on your laundry, I am going to give you a “How To” guide on how to prolong the horrible and annoying task of doing your laundry.

Hey, we might as well take as long as we can to do it. After all, we’re college students.

WARNING: The advice I’m giving on how to prolong doing your laundry will only work for a maximum of three weeks. Eventually you will have to do your laundry.

  1. Only wear underwear when needed: Yeah, that’s right. Underwear is not that necessary. Unless you have your period, you can easily get away with not wearing underwear with those really tight, skinny, jeans you love so much. Trust me, your butt will look better and you will be saving clean underwear for when you really need them.

  2. Tide to Go was created for a reason: Try not to spill things on your shirts and pants so that you won’t have to wash them, but if you do, use Tide to Go, and it will be the answer to your prayers. Just spray that little sucker directly on the stain and within minutes you’ll be clean again!

  3. Dryer Sheets can save your jeans: To avoid washing so many pairs of jeans more than twice a week, put a dryer sheet in your pocket and carry it throughout the day. It’ll give your jeans that freshly washed scent and it’ll allow you to wear them more times throughout the week.

  4. Forget about socks: One thing that’s really annoying to wash when you're doing laundry, are the millions of pairs of socks you probably own. We live in Florida buddy, it’s not like it snows here, that’s why flip flops and sandals are the official shoe of Florida.

  5. Bathing suits are in: If you feel uncomfortable not wearing any underwear then by all means wear your favorite bathing suit as your new piece of underwear. They’re easier to clean, you can shower with them, and they would probably still go with your outfit.

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