Saturday, June 26, 2010

San Francisco: Day 1

Once we landed in San Francisco we took the BART to Union Square
and walked a couple blocks to our hotel. Tim was on a mission to get there
but I was distracted by all of the people and buildings and designer stores so he had
to keep stopping to wait for me :)

The hotel is really a really old building. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little
creeped out...seriously, look at this..

Anytime you have to walk down a little hall to get to your room it's a little
unsettling. I'll post more pictures, but the whole hotel has a "Disneyland Haunted Mansion" feel.

Union Square

Sooo..It's kinda cold here and really windy. We weren't as prepared as we shouldve
been, but we will make due.

The biggest Forever 21 of my life!
I texted Devon to tell her about it and her response
pretty much sums it all up,

I took this picture and later noticed the guy with the sign, oops!

And, of course it is pride weekend..Tomorrow some main streets
will be shut down for the parade.
Today was the "Dyke March" Oy Vey!

Yeah, still windy...

We randomly ended up in Chinatown which was cool, because I
wanted to go anyway.
I wanted one of those little waving cats but didn't see any cute ones.

And I'm pretty sure only my mom and Devon will get this, but it was
actually a shop in Chinatown!!!!

We walked up and down several of these hills. We will both return with
killer calf muscles :)

I'm obsessed with these houses. I love how they're all different colors!

For dinner we went to "Burger Bar." You had to go into Macy's then take the
elevator to the 6th floor and it opened up into the restaurant.
They had crazy burgers that went up to $60 and build your own milkshakes that you
can put alcohol in. I had a really good salad and Tim had a fancy burger that he
said made his top 10.

Tomorrow we plan on taking cable cars and buses to Fisherman's Wharf and the
Golden Gate Bridge..

Goodnight <3>

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