Thursday, April 12, 2018

Childrens Discovery Museum

Today we went to the Childrens Discovery Museum in Rancho Mirage.

They had so many fun activities but the giant lite bright was Norahs favorite!

Giving her turtle a checkup in the animal hospital

This little grocery store was so cute! It even had an ATM out front. Norah filled her cart with every piece of lunch meat and cheese so I think she's on the Keto diet too.  Then she waited patiently in line while another little boy bagged her groceries!

Next was the mini pizza parlor. She made a pizza, put it in the oven then delivered it to our table. 

They had a whole building devoted to construction and transportation and she went straight to the rack with the vests and hard hats and got to work rollin balls and pushin trains.

I highly recommend this place! Definitely pack a lunch because there are a lot of outdoor areas to picnic and you can stay all day if you want!

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