Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

So I decided pretty early on that Norah would be a "Golden Girl" and that I'm going to choose these funny costumes until she has an opinion of her own and wants to be something boring like a princess.

I made the wig by gluing cotton balls to a beanie and the glasses were from the doll making section at Hobby Lobby. She already had the outfit so the whole costume cost about $5!

Love how the wig created that perfect old lady wrinkle in her forehead

Linus was an Aviator for his Puppy Pawty!

Norah made a pretty cute puppy

Enjoying a Pupcake

But, Norah and Linus' favorite part of the weekend was meeting and hanging out with Aunt Leah and Uncle Jeff! She was sooooo comfortable with them like she's known them her whole life!


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