Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking Stock

The longer I wait in between posts the harder it is to get back into it.

I saw this whole "Taking Stock" idea here and decided it would be a great way to catch up and maybe break the ice again.


Making : A lot of random things! One day I'm making decorations for a surf themed party and the next day it's angel wings for a baby! 

Cooking : Chicken and Rice for Linus. He's having issues and we're hoping this bland diet will help. He's in Heaven!

Drinking : Lot's of water hoping to have a successful blood draw tomorrow.

Reading: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend.

Wanting: The perfect vintage inspired swimsuit

Looking: Forward to a little getaway next week!

Playing: Not really playing anything....We recently went through a Uno phase though

Wasting: A lot of time driving around to find supplies.

Sewing: Debating whether or not I want to buy a dress thats too long and hem it.

Wishing: I could stick to a routine!

Enjoying: All of the Jenna Leslye Designs requests I'm getting. IT'S WEDDING SEASON!

Waiting: for all the weddings we are attending this year.

Liking: The #100happydays project

Wondering: Why Linus has been chewing his feet all week

Loving: All of the exciting trips and events that are coming up!

Hoping:All of my tests come back normal and we will soon be parents

Needing: To go to the gym!

Smelling:Anthros Capri Blue Volcano candle

Wearing: Shorts because it's 95 degrees!! Yikes!

Knowing: That even though marriage can be tough sometimes, we're better together.

Thinking: That I should have never watched that one episode of Greys Anatomy. That show is intense!

Feeling: Anxious...always anxious

Giggling: Over the fact that I get to be a BRIDESMAID! I'm so excited you guys! It's on my bucket list.


  1. i always feel weird commenting on blogs because i never ever do but i enjoy reading your blog. also your dog chewing on his feet could be allergies of some kind. my dog had allergies and always chewed on the pads of her feet because they itched i guess.

    1. Thanks for reading :) I guess I'll need to make him an appointment. I don't want him to go crazy from the itching!

  2. That really was informative! Love you