Saturday, February 8, 2014

Finish This V.5

1. I will never outgrow: Cute dolls and toys. When I have kids I'll have an excuse to buy them! Tim surprised me with another Blythe doll for Valentines Day! Friendly Freckles!


2. I splurge on: unnecessary things for Linus. Anyone remember the shark costume?

3. My worst habit is: peeling my nails and picking at my cuticles. Its a total nervous habit that leads to ugly and painful hands.

4. My passport represents: A blank canvas and endless possibilities! No stamps yet but I can't wait for my first one.

5. My most ridiculous fear is : Mice and/or rats. I just got shivers thinking about it!

6. My favorite thing to give is: flowers and baked goods. There's nothing better!


1 comment:

  1. Eeek for rats but YUM for baked goods! Thanks for joining the link-up, I hope you'll come back next week for another set of prompts. =)