Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beach Camping

Tim has been wanting to go camping so we decided to do a small one nighter in Carlsbad before we decide to brave the actual wilderness. We had a prime spot and the weather was great! Nothing better than a campfire at the beach with your honey. I was super excited to sleep in the tent on our new air mattress but we both had a hard time sleeping. I guess that's to be expected though. It was still a nice little getaway. Now here's a bunch of pictures!

We could have fit 4 families on our campsite.

There was an rv camping across from us

We worked great as a team setting up and taking down everything so I think we're ready for the big leagues!


  1. I have not camped since I was a tween. ha. But I always wanted to camp with the MR. but he is anti camping. Is it better to camp on a beach?

    I love seeing the pics!

    1. I prefer the beach because it's not too far from home or civilization. You have to pack a lot less stuff too!