Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Palm Springs Getaway

The last couple of days were spent in Palm Springs for a little getaway.
My husband works so hard and its almost necessary for him to take a little trip every once in awhile so he can clear his head. 

On the way there the temperature just went up and up and up.
I think 112 was the hottest I caught.

We stayed at the Desert Springs Marriott. My family would stay there when I was little and it's also where Jessie Spanos dad got married on Saved By The Bell.

We pretty much spent a whole day and a half sitting in the pool. It was the only place to be

We also enjoyed a nice fluffy bed that didn't have a rambunctious puppy in it!

I was most excited to see the Forever Marilyn statue right in Downtown Palm Springs.
We caught her right before she went to another city.

Tim has been wanting to go to a fancy dinner since....forever.
It was so fun getting dressed up and eating at one of the fanciest restaurants we could find.

I was most excited about my shoes and accessories

We caught the last boat tour at the hotel before heading to dinner.

Here's a quick Vine of our ride :)

Although we were happy to come home to our little guy, it was a little difficult waking up in our own bed and not having a pool to lounge in

Till next time Palm Springs!


  1. Everything looked so beautiful! I'm glad you two got a getaway! :)