Friday, May 24, 2013

Photos The Old Fashioned Way

Recently I started thinking about how all of our pictures are on the computer and all of my moms pictures are in albums and boxes.

How sad would I be if something happened to my computer and I lost EVERYTHING!?
Not to mention, the majority of them are on Instagram.

You can choose 24 of your Instagram pictures and have them printed in different sizes for $12.
The shipping was super fast and the quality is great!

Next I needed to find a cute album. 
I didn't like any of the traditional albums and the majority of them only had spaces for 4x6 photos.

I ended up with a Smashbook!

It's so much fun! Think already completed scrapbook, just add pictures and doodles.

 It's nice to have your photos on your computer for backup, but from now on I'm doing albums!

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