Friday, February 19, 2010

This too shall pass...

Work has been stressful lately but is about to get 10 times worse.
People are dropping like flys. 3 people have put in their 2 weeks notice in the past month.
And we were understaffed before. I still plan on going full-time but will keep my eyes open for another job that doesn't make me feel like a robot. I need something more creative.
Hopefully I can get an appointment with a counselor at school and get this whole situation settled so I can get back on track.

Things with Tim are good. He has been really stressed out about this whole house thing so I try and do my best to support him and keep his mind off of it.
I really look forward to our future. Theres nobody else I'd rather be with.

2 more days of work, then 3 days off. Fun things to look forward to and hopefully a lot of pictures.


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