Thursday, October 1, 2009


Soooo..I've been pretty sick.. It all started out with me being nauseous every time I eat for the past 2 months or so. Then Friday night I started feeling flu like symptoms accompanied by a stiff neck. The first thing I thought of was meningitis so that worried me a little bit.
I decided to finally go to Urgent care Monday and this is how the night played out.
-Wait 2 hours in a packed room of disgusting sick people
-See the doctor and have a temperature of 101.
-Doctor presses on my stomach and I have sharp pains
-She tells me I'm going to have to get my appendix out
-I freak out and crying ensues
-Go downstairs to get blood drawn for the first time. Crying ensues.
-Tim shows up, I stop crying.
-Wait for results
-My fever has gone up to 104
-They send me home saying I have "Some sort of Virus"
Thanks Kaiser!

(Entertaining himself in the waiting room)

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