Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Vacation

Here are the pictures from our "Morongo Mini Vacation" :)

The Drive.

We couldnt check in till 4 so Dad sent us shopping at the Cabazon Outlets where I bought these:

One of our favorite parts (Me and Devon) of staying in a hotel is getting to the room and checking out how its decorated! ( I know, we're lame)
This room was very hip and the bathroom was amazing!

(Thats a window into the shower!)

After getting settled we went to dinner, gambled some, saw a "gaggle" of Vampires (long story) and came back up to the room and took pictures..

(Dev always ruins the good ones)

The next day we went to the pool and floated around in the Lazy River..

Mom was the only one....brave enough to go on the slide

Then we had lunch poolside..La te da!

Dad joined us after his tournament

Devon wasnt too happy when we had to leave..

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  1. Okay 1.When you say "Everybody make a face" and not everybody makes a face, the picture is void.(not postable) 2.Mom was the only one "fun" enough to go on the slide. 3.The look on Devons face is priceless !