Thursday, August 6, 2009

Current Events.

I haven't really felt like updating lately so heres a list of current events..

  • Sunday was Gibsons 1st Birthday Party in Hemet (stupid me I didnt take any pictures) Art and Chelsea were there with their baby Cambria so I got to hold her and it made me want a baby for like an hour or something.
  • My phone wouldnt hold a charge so yesterday I went to get a battery and the guy said that I was due for an upgrade and had $100 credit so it would be cheaper to get a phone. With the mail in rebate its pretty much free!
  • Umm, lets see...Lately I get really nauseous after I eat, but only for like 25 min?
  • Watched tons of home videos and realized just how cute Devon used to be :)
And thats about it. Hasn't been a very eventful week. Looking forward to the weekend, Beach anyone?

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