Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matchmaking Grandmas

Is there some sort of underground network of matchmaking Grandmas? Today at work I was helping a lady and she stops mid-sentence and says, "Gee, you're really pretty! Do you have a wedding ring on? Ooooohhh No wedding ring!" as she smiled and winked. Then she asks me trying to be non chalant, " you have a steady fella?" By this time I was turning red with embarrassment! Then she tells me how she has something like 15 grandchildren and a couple of grandsons that she would love for me to meet. I just smiled and nodded because I thought she was just joking...She then looked to the ceiling and I could see the wheels turning as she tried to decide which grandson would be best for me. "How old are you?" Before I could even get twenty-th....out she says, "PERFECT! I have a grandson who is 25. He just graduated from Cal State Long Beach and he is going to be a teacher. His name is Clark, spelled Klarke, I dont know why his mom put an E at the end? He has a tough time finding nice girls. It sure is tough for you young people nowadays, am I right?" And once again before I could give her an answer she says, "He lives in Dana Pointe now, but he's coming to live with me!" Keep in mind, the whole time shes selling her grandson to me shes smiling and winking! "I'm going to bring him in here to introduce the two of you, Have a nice day!" And as shes walking away, "Whats your name?" ..."Jenna!? Ooohh what a good name! ::wink wink::"
I'm soooooo hoping she doesnt bring him in! I'd die of embarrassment!


  1. My Grandma introduces me to girls from her church ALL the time.. It IS so embarrassing.. I think more than anything, Grandmas don't want you to be a) gay and or b) alone..

    You better believe that lady will be back with Klarke!