Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

Oh hello old blog! I think it's about time to dust you off and start blogging again!
What better time than the holidays?

With that said...Happy Holidays Family and Friends!
We had a nice little Christmas with family and of the 2 Christmases Norah has participated in, I'm pretty sure this was her favorite. She was a gift unwrapping machine and it didn't matter whose gifts they were!

She came downstairs and said "Ho Ho Ho" when she saw the gifts under the tree. I was sooooo excited for her to see the kitchen I had been working on. I think this was one of my most favorite projects to date and if you or anyone you know want a custom kitchen I'm totally down to do it for you!

She loves it! She's been baking cookies in the microwave non-stop!

This was her first year eating our traditional Monkey Bread and now she thinks it's what monkeys eat.

This was Grandpas first Christmas in Heaven and we missed him so. Rejoicing in the fact that he spent the holidays in his new, perfect body with loved ones who passed before him.

Little Miss. Center of Attention.

Norah's version of a "thumbs up" is just sticking her finger in the air. She does it often since it makes everyone laugh. She barely made it through opening presents because she just wanted to put on a show with her "thumbs up".

After everyone left Norah got to work in her kitchen.

And then passed out in a pile of Christmas chaos.

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  1. Perfect day! Norah did not disappoint 🎤❤️💚🧜🏻‍♀️👆🏼