Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Steve is ruining my life!

We just spent 20 minutes out in the cold waiting for Steve to mosey on outta here.
Right when he went to the other side of the fence we decided to make a run for it and once he heard us, he popped back over to our side!
There was a couple on their balcony and she asked if it was a raccoon and when we told her
it was a possum she said, "Awww I love those! I'll go get him!"
But her boyfriend said, "No! You're gonna get rabies! Thats a big ol' sucker"
So now there are four of us watching Steve watch us.
A minute later a couple caring piles of laundry passes us up not able to see whats
waiting for them up ahead, so instead of letting them scare him off I say,
Stupid Jenna.
The girl screams and says that shes never seen one up close and the guy gets
closer to him, like in his face close.
Then we all scurry by him to get to safety..
well they walked, I scurried, forcing Tim to scurry
and the guy looks behind him and says, "Are you guys running!?"
Damn right we're running! Did you see that nasty thing!

It was all made worth it when the guy says, "Those things are nice, like the one in Pooh Bear and shit"

Thanks Steve, for another entertaining night!

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