Monday, August 30, 2010

Today was the first day of school and I think I've finally enrolled in a course where the teacher
will be the one I remember. The teacher that helps you get somewhere. The one
who you tell people about years from now. The one who not only inspires you but sets you up
to be successful. He comes in a very unorthodox,eccentric package and I couldnt be happier!

It was about 5 min. past the time we were supposed to start class and a frazzled, Hawaiian,surfer
guy in jeans and a t-shirt comes running up to the 45+ students waiting outside the classroom.
The first words out of his mouth, "F**k! I'm so late! I'm never late! S**t!"
Everybody kind of had the look of, "Theres no way this guy is the teacher!"

Once we were all settled he looks over the classroom and says, "F**k, theres a lot of people here. Are you sure you all want to take this class?" And he writes his name on the
board. "Call me Dewey" he says. He then writes his email and phone number down.
"Everybody get out your phones and put my number in it. If you ever get so F***ed up
that you can't drive, call me. It doesnt matter if you're in the 909 or L.A. call me and I'll come pick your ass up. If I'm too wasted, I'll send one of my kids. As long as you don't drive."

At this point I'm pretty much thinking hes a joke. But...he's not. So I'm intrigued.
The Dean walks in to make sure he made it.
"Hey guys, this is the boss. Sorry I'm late man. My car wouldnt start. I drive a piece of s**t vw bus. I'm never late. "

The dean gives him a strange look and just then I notice that "Dewey" isn't wearing shoes.
They both look at his feet and Dewey says, "Yeah man, I've got some shoes" The Dean just
smiles and shakes his head and leaves.

He then explains to us that he worked for Quicksilver for 17 years and became Vice President.
Last November he was laid off and now his only job is teaching this class one night a week.
He spent the next couple hours telling us stories of his life and what he plans to teach us.
He will teach us what he's supposed to, and whats expected of him, but in a fun way that we will
remember and be able to use in real life. He will set us up with connections and help us
to find the right path. I was so intrigued by how wise and positive and straightforward he was.
Honest with us about his drinking and smoking weed and the tough times in his life and
how he's overcome everything and realized that his family is most important. He has several offers from large companies to make insane amounts of money but hes just interested in traveling and surfing and teaching kids all over the world how to surf.

He really is an awesome guy and I can't wait to see what he has in store. Some things he told us,
-He used to reimburse the students their tuition out of his own pocket until he got caught.
-Sometimes he likes to move the class to the beach for a bbq.
-He once served cocktails to a class.
-If we decide we are bored we just need to tell him and he'll change around the schedule.
He basically told us that since we pay to be there he'll teach us whatever we want.
He has an abundance of resources at his fingertips due to his success in the industry and he
wants to give us whatever he can.

This is going to be a good semester!

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  1. He reminds me of my Art History teacher in High School. Very eccentric, weird looking, smoked weed, was on Jeopardy once, and curses every now and then as well. But I'll never forget him. :)