Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm with CoCo

Rain Doesn't Stop 'I'm with C
oco' rally at Universal.

January 18, 2010 | 4:06 pm

Don't ever say Los Angeles is an apathetic place.

The rain did not, could not, would not stop the"I'm With Coco" rally today at Universal Studios. An estimated (if you can believe what you read on Twitter) 300 to 400 people gathered at the lot where "The Tonight Show" is taped to protest NBC's imminent firing of Conan O'Brien.

According to LAist.com the crowd withstood morning downpours to chant "Jay Leno sucks!" as someone dressed as Leno ran around.

Then, their hero arrived, the skies turned blue, and "The Tonight Show" passed out pizza from Miceli's, as "Coco" made his way to the roof to wave to his fans.

"The whole time, people were just screaming their heads off," the post said. "Celebrity chaos at its best."Similar rallies were held in New York City and Chicago, even though everyone, including Conan O'Brien, is waiting for the official announcement that NBC will pay him millions of dollars to leave his gig, after only seven months.

NBC, it seems, is not with Coco.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

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