Thursday, June 2, 2016

Norahs First Disney Day

Yesterday we had the chance to meet up with my sister in law and nephews at Disneyland for Norah's first time!

She woke up on the tram and had no idea what was in store...

She met her cousins Chase and Elliot for the first time and they brought her a little Minnie and a special outfit.

Her first ride was Small World and she just sat there and tried to take it all in

We changed the kids into their matching outfits so they could meet Mickey!

On Jungle Cruise the guide announced that in case of an emergency , Norah could be used as the flotation device

Tim and I were so excited to get her first ears!!
They're so little!

On our way out of the park we ran into Snow White and Norah couldn't stop smiling at her.
She commented on how they both had bows and that Ariel would love her seashell romper :)

I don't think she wanted to leave

I'd say that her first Disney experience was an awesome one!

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