Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Well, we made it!

It was a crazy, crazy month but we survived.

Last Friday was our move in day so we decided to drive down and get our keys, check out the apartment then head up to Big Bear for my sister in laws wedding. We were SOOO excited to see the apartment! We finished all of the paperwork, grabbed the keys and rushed in to admire every nook of our new home.

All I can say is that I was less than amused and left feeling slightly defeated. There were minor stains on the carpet and walls, ants in several different places and......are you ready for this....

A mushroom growing out of the carpet! A MUSHROOM!
Along with the "Welcome to Irvine" Fungi was a touch of black mold.
Cue panic mode. 

I immediately called the front office who sent the maintenance guy over. 
"Hmm..", he said as he removed the AC vent. "Looks like the AC has been leaking...that's not good"
He sent us back to the office to see what we should do from there. Our choices? Wait a week while they tear out drywall and remove mold or wait for a new apartment. Luckily there was an apartment that would be done on Monday that they offered us. Same layout but a little more privacy. They let us take a look even though they were still in the process of getting it ready but it was so much better! Plus, new, mushroom free carpet!


Monday morning the movers showed up to collect our stuff and I went ahead and finalized the lease and got our new keys. I was so nervous that I would find something else but lo and behold, this one was perfect! The movers were quick and within 4 hours we had everything here in our new home.

Tim and I spent the first night here sans dog and we were just so happy.
It's so much smaller but it makes it that much cozier and I think it's exactly what we needed. Tim just kept saying, "I'm so happy!"

The next day we retrieved Linus from Grandma and Grandpas and I was SO excited to show him his new home. Like any other crazy dog lady, I set up his things from home and even displayed an arrangement of new toys to chose from (don't judge me). He burst through the door like he owned the place, emptied his toy bucket and thoroughly sniffed each room. I was beaming with happiness! "He loves it!' I thought to myself.


Every little noise sent him into a barking fit. We tried our best to stop him but he was on a mission to burst my bubble. Luckily it was bedtime and we could finally shut him up. He had a different idea. Instead he decided to wake up every two hours to play with a squeaking hedgehog and insisted on making us take him downstairs to pee on EVERY SINGLE BUSH.

The last couple of days he has barked less but still panics when one of us leaves. We tried both leaving but just standing in the hall and he attempted to break the door down while screaming bloody murder.

Linus is the poster child for separation anxiety. We're hoping he adjusts more and more each day. 

Please pray for our sanity and for Linus to adjust sooner than later!

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