Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekly Recap

Thursday we went to a taping of Ellen!
To sum it up there was a lot of waiting...a lot of clapping...and a lot of dancing.
I haven't danced in probably 10 years (or more)
and I probably looked like a complete dork
but it was still fun!

Last night Tim and I met some of my co-workers at Legends
to celebrate Johns 21st Birthday.
It was extremely packed and extremely loud.
At about 10:30 I found myself longing for my jammie-jams
and tivo'd episodes of Friends.
I'm old.

But look how cute Tim is! Awwwww!

I wish I could take a decent picture! I look drunk..
But it was just an intense flash..I swear!
The guys from work

And today we are having a lazy Sunday <3

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  1. Are those Long Island ice teas?Mmm mmm! %)