Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Night I almost Died!

It was last night.

I was drying my hair and watching Will and Grace when all of a sudden
I see sparks coming from the outlet!
I decide to shut off the dryer but before I can do that, It shuts off on its own followed
by a loud popping sound and..ready? SPARKS AND SMOKE SHOOTING OUT OF THE BLOW DRYER!
My initial reaction was to freeze. I did that for awhile then frantically checked my hair
in the mirror to make sure it wasn't on fire.

After that I figured I should probably unplug it from the outlet so I yanked it and jumped
away and stared at it, laying on the floor, in shock.

Slightly traumatic.

RIP Hair Dryer
Like a year ago- Sept 7th, 2009

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